A Married Man Asked A Girl On Facebook, If She Has A ‘Chut’. Her EPIC Response Is Going Viral

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Ever since social media has existed, so has cyber bullying and creeps who stalk and abuse at will. Every girl with an account on Facebook has her inbox filled with cheesy messages from strange men that we ignore everyday. But a Delhi University alumna chose to stop ignoring these messages and expose one such man trying to harass her on the social networking site.

When 21-year-old Prerna Pratham Singh, a Political Science Masters student at DU, got one such message, she decided to publicly admonish one such creep, Raushan Kumar, who had been stalking and abusing her regularly. After it came to a point where he asked her “Chut Nahee Hai Kya?” (Don’t you have a vagina?), she decided it was time to end his misadventures. She then took a screenshot of her chat and posted it with an insulting description to publicly humiliate her harasser.

Prerna Pratham Singh Facebook

Within hours after Prerna posted this on her Timeline, the alleged bully updated his status saying that his account was hacked and it was not him sending those messages. Although, Prerna confirmed that he was pestering her since many days.

Raushan Kumar Facebook

People not only accoladed her for the brave step but also offered to step up to provide any aide she might need to file the FIR.

Her supporters also include Dr. Muktesh Chander, Special Commissioner Traffic Police Delhi who openly urged her to file an FIR against Kumar.

Prerna Pratham Singh Facebook

Prerna has decided to file a police complaint against him. We extend our support as well and encourage every other girl to get up and take severe step against any such person.

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