Rakhi Tells In Her Bitchy Message Why She Wants Sunny Leone To ‘Get Lost’ From India

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You wouldn’t be surprised if we say that Rakhi Sawant has once again spoken against Sunny Leone in abusive language. If there could be a record for saying the most inappropriate things, Rakhi Sawant would probably have had it. Rakhi has always been in limelight for her being outspoken and speak whatever she wants to without even thinking for a moment. Well, many like her for this too!

You should see this video by Bollywood Now titled “Rakhi Sawant’s Ridiculously Bitchy Message For Sunny Leone”, Rakhi expresses all her glitches with the former adult star and asks her to pack bags and move to the country from where she has come and do whatever she was doing, i.e., eating Lollipops!


Rakhi is doing what she does best! Don't you think?

Rakhi Sawant's Ridiculously Bitchy Message For Sunny Leone

"You Sunny Leone.. You get lost from my India. Tum udhar jake jo Lollipop khana hai.. Lollipop khao.. jo karna hai vo karo. ."

Credit: Bollywood Now

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Rakhi Tells In Her Bitchy Message Why She Wants Sunny Leone To ‘Get Lost’ From India

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