10 Google auto-complete suggestions that depict the deeply rooted racism and stereotypes in India

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A look at the Google Auto-complete suggestions for different religious groups and cultures shows that people frequently turn to the search engine to ask the questions they may not want to say out loud. The suggestions generated by frequent searches reveal some of our darkest collective stereotypes and generalizations about people of other faiths, some of which are bizarrely specific.

Scroll Droll presents a few excellent examples of stereotypes we all have about people of different states.

Please note that Google’s Instant Auto-complete suggestions are based on real searches by users across the online universe.

1. First of all, how world see us

2. Punjabis

3. Delhiites

4. Biharis

5. Marathis

6. Gujaratis

7. Kashmiris

8. Tamils

9. Malayalees

10. Telugus


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