This Guide Shows Some Of The Very Best And Worst Sleeping Positions For Couples

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The best part of love is sleeping with your partner. The worst part of love is also sleeping with your partner. So what do our sleeping positions tell us about our relationships? Apparently, a lot! While we snore, drool and fight each other for the sheets at night, this is a handy guide to keep in mind for a healthy mind, body and soul.

Molly Fitzpatrick and Allison Pottasch show us the best and worst sleeping positions for couples by these illustrations.

Best and Worst Sleeping Positions

Don’t make him taste your hair.

The Spoon

Don’t wrestle, at least not while sleeping.

The Nook

Hugging is nice, strangling her is not.

The Cold Fusion

There’s plenty of space on bed.

The Barely There

Keep the pets away from the bed.

The Triangle Offense

Credits: Swimmingly

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