Photographer Finds The Good Side In ‘Flower Men’ Instead Showing Poor And Bad In India

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Calcutta’s famed Mallick Ghat, a wholesale flower market is more than a century old, attracts more than 2,000 flower sellers each day. Danish photographer Ken Hermann visited the market for his project “Flower Men,” which is a series of portraits that casts light upon the people behind the petals. These men are flower sellers, which explains both their choice of accessory, and their all-business facial expressions. Some are carrying tiny bouquets and others are hidden in flora.

“I enjoyed this project,” Hermann said. “There’s a lot of photographers going to India and then showing a poor, bad situation. … I have a totally different approach. I want to show some more proudness and find the beauty of people.”

S. K. Bhagat – Java flower

S. K. Bhagat

Angad Ray – Devdar leaves

Angad Ray

Shankar Shah – Roses

Shankar Shah

Sanju Joshi – Gainda flowers

Sanju Joshi

Ramdayal Yadav – Roses

Ramdayal Yadav

Kulwinder – Gainda flowers


Ashok Singh – Sunflowers

Ashok Singh

Atul Dubey – Gainda flowers

Atul Dubey

Gorelal Dass

Gorelal Dass

Kaari Yadav – Orchid

Kaari Yadav

Krishna Biswas – Gainda flowers

Krishna Biswas

Odhir Gayen – Devdar leaves

Odhir Gayen

Prakash Singh – Small palm tree

Prakash Singh

Chandan Kumar – Gainda flowers

Chandan Kumar

Rajesh Yadav – Neelkanth flower

Rajesh Yadav

Ram Pakita – Rrongan flowers

Ram Pakita

Ranjan Rai – Lotus

Ranjan Rai

Sanjay Mandal – Rod flowers

Sanjay Mandal

Sanjit Malik – Gettylade flowers

Sanjit Malik

Shambhunath Dutt – Rrongan flowers

Shambhunath Dutt

Sudeep Manna – Rajnigandha stick

Sudeep Manna

Credits: Ken Hermann

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