If You Want To Make Some Serious Money, Mukesh Ambani Has 10 Business Tips For You

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If you are trying to make money, but are not successful, you will have to think differently. Making money is probably the top most priority for almost all of us and we all want to be rich. But working hard and late, rolling out new ideas and putting those additional efforts do not seem to be getting you there. So where do things go wrong?

Mukesh & Nita Ambani

The country’s richest man, Mukesh Ambani, has shared his success mantra. By adopting them, you too can become a successful businessman. During a program, he share some tips for business owners. These tips will help you earn more money and become a successful businessman.

1. Money is not everything but important

Mukesh Ambani got his early lessons from the life of his father Dhirubhai Ambani, who built a business empire from scratch. Dhirubhai said money is not everything and chasing money alone would never make anybody a successful businessman.

Money is not everything but important

2. Have a dream and plan to fulfill it

Mukesh Ambani admits to run after money is wrong. But having a dream and working towards it is the most essential thing for any business. Finding your place in life is most important.

Have a dream and plan to fulfill it

3. Let your work speak for itself

Mukesh Ambani leads the largest business house in India, yet he rarely seen in limelight. He strongly believes that when good work speaks for itself and everything else falls silent. And when the company is on growth trajectory, you needn’t worry about being ‘seen’.

Let your work speak for itself

4. Trust your gut instincts

There have been several controversies concerning Mukesh ‘a rich man without a heart’ owing to his splurging of money on building his house Antilia and investing in IPL cricket team. However, Mukesh does what he deems right and mostly, it so turns out that it is the ‘right’ thing to do.

Trust your gut instincts

5. Trust all, but depend on none

Mukesh Ambani has waded through some difficult situations himself at a very young age. He has been known as a leader who knows the last nuance of his work. He believes that trust is something, but being prepared for all kinds of emergencies is what keeps the company going.

Trust all, but depend on none

6. Risks give greatest lessons

Mukesh believes that one should not always worry about making the right decision. You must take risks and chase them to their logical end. One who does not take risk, would never achieve success.

Risks give greatest lessons

7. Be hungry, be impatient

Success eludes those who rest in the middle of a run. You gotta recharge your batteries. Markets wait for none, so be on your toes. Resting time is when the market slips into slumber.

Be hungry, be impatient

8. Build a team

Be there for your team. Trust the professionals. Learn, learn and learn. It’s never too late for that. When you build teams that are trustworthy, every moment you spend with them contributes directly to revenue of the company.

Build a team

9. Stay alert

It always pays well to understand your surroundings. You may have created a niche product. But if there is a better product in the market that’s going to outdo yours, you better pull up your socks and sit down to improve your skills.

Stay alert

10. Credibility carries high premium

Whether your team needs you, or your competition – be there on both occasions to give your fullest. Understand, innovate and prepare for the future. He believes that credibility is something that needs to be safe-guarded beyond cash inflow and outflow.

Credibility carries high premium

Source: Bhaskar Money

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