Ahmedabad Government Will Give You 1 Rupee Coin Each Time You Pee

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Yes, you heard it right, it’s not a joke. The Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) will just give you a rupee coin to pee at the public toilets. The AMC is trying to implement a new idea of paying people money if they pee at the right stop instead of urinating in public or on roads. This idea was first implemented in Darechowk in Katmandu, Nepal and it worked really well encouraging people to urinate in public toilets.

Public urination is a common problem across all cities in India. It is one of the causes which add India to the list of unclean nations.

Public urination in Indiaimage source: timesofindia.com

“The whole motive of the scheme is to popularize the public toilets. We plan to generate revenue through advertising,” said a senior AMC official.

“We are going to implement this project because people near 67 pay and use toilets are found defecating in the open. Some even defecate on footpaths and pose a major public health risk. Our move will encourage people to use public toilets and AMC officials will also explain their family to do the same.”

“There are around 300 public toilets in the city out of which the service will be available in 67 public toilets. Most of them are located near slum areas.”

Standing committee chairman Pravin Patel said.

If AMC implement this idea, then I am sure, this is going to happen at public toilets in Ahmedabad.

Long queue at public toiletsimage source: lancenet.com.br

Although, it’s a wonderful idea and let us hope that it will, nevertheless, serve its purpose.

Source: Times of India

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