This Little Monkey Was Kidnapped From Highway. Now Internet Has Brought It Back Home

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Last week a video of a monkey being kidnapped off a highway in Maharashtra went viral immediately. Many news agencies covered this and hundred, thousands of people responded to the animal brutality on social media websites. It made it so huge that the authorities had to make quick strides and look into the matter.

This video is going viral. The act in the video is brutal and inhuman. Please spread the word so that we can identify the culprits.

And here comes the good news, it has been shared by animal rights activist organization, Animal Equality India, that the culprits of this kidnapping have been nabbed and the kidnapped monkey from Varandha ghat has been released back into the same area, so she could now safely return to its natural habitat and re-unite with her family. The original message was posted on the Facebook page of Animal Equality India:

Today the monkey kidnappers surrendered themselves at the office of the authorities. They were taken to the court and the court has ordered to keep them in custody till tomorrow when the court will issue further directions.

The monkey is now with the wildlife authorities. He seems to be fine but they are waiting for the veterinary report which will arrive tomorrow. If all is sound, he will be released at the same location on the direction of the court.

A total team of five people were involved in capturing the monkey. The monkey catcher is Dilip Ghisare and the others- Lalu Ghisare, Changa Ghisare, Nitin Ghisare, Ramesh Katke all belonging to Bhiwadi village, Purandar, Pune.

The current owner of the car is Ghisare but the official record shows Dhankawde as the car has been sold twice without transferring the ownership.

Animal Equality India has been lobbying the officials to take action on the issue. We are very grateful to the Pune Rural Police and Wildlife Department for their prompt and effective action.

We are also grateful to the person who shot the video; thanks to him we have reached so far. And we are thankful to the media and concerned citizens, activists who kept the issue alive.

Source: Animal Equality India

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