Virat Kohli Breaks Rules Again To Chat With Anushka. Should BCCI Take Action Against Him?

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Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) captain Virat Kohli is in the news again and like so many instances in recent times for all the wrong reasons. As RCB was hosting Delhi Daredevils during an IPL match on Sunday when rain played the spoilsport and the match was interrupted. Virat, who was at crease along with Chris Gayle, walked back to the pavillion immedietly. Within minutes, Kohli was seen in the corridor right next to the VIP box where his girlfriend, Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma, was seated.

Virat Kohli chatting with Anushkaimage source: Twitter

They were soon spotted by the cameras and the crowd also cheered on as they were seen together on the big screen. But by then, the code of conduct was already broken because even as the rain interrupted the game, technically, a match is alive till the last ball is bowled and a rain stoppage doesn’t give players the liberty to leave their designated area and mingle with people.

Virat Kohli chatting with Anushkaimage source: Twitter

“He is the captain of the team, so he is very much aware of the rules that apply to players and more so to a captain. Nobody is allowed to meet players while the match is on. And, players can’t go out of their designated area to meet anyone either. We will definitely look into the matter and inform the BCCI,” a senior officer of the Anti-Corruption and Security Unit (ACSU) told the Hindustan Times.

Virat Kohli chatting with Anushkaimage source: Twitter

“It is unbecoming of a player. Players’ wives and girlfriends do attend matches but they sit in a separate enclosure. I’ve never come across anyone meeting them while the match is on. One can imagine a newcomer doing that but not a seasoned player who is aware of the protocol,” the officer, formerly associated with the IPL added.

Virat Kohli Breaks Rulesimage source: HT

In recent times, the Bangladesh Cricket Board had suspended former skipper Shakib al-Hasan for leaving the dressing room during a match against India to put in place a spectator who was allegedly harassing his wife in the stands.

When will BCCI make such an example?

Source: Hindustan Times

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