It’s Shocking How Micromax Service Center Employees Treat Their Customers

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Micromax Mobile is one of the largest indian domestic mobile handset maker but their customer service is not really up to the mark, let alone sometimes service center employees are very aggressive too. Sure, service center jobs are one of the most stressed jobs in the world and customers too can be annoying at times, but misbehaving, name-calling, mudslinging, inappropriate tones and gestures to a customer, a female, is just not the answer to that. It is service center employee’s responsibility to help their customers and solve they issues as politely as they can. On the other hand, customers also need to understand that the customer service employees are also human and it doesn’t take a lot to be polite with other human being.

Dhara Ladhad faced similar abusive treatment from a Micromax service center employee. She recorded the video and uploaded it on her facebook account to share her story with Micromax Mobile. This video shows equally uncivil tones being used by a Micromax employee and the customer at the Micromax service center.

This is how people at your service center talk to customers. And you dont want to take any action. We pay you for service not so that we can listen to all this. Infact there was a fault from your side not ours. How the hell can you treat your customers like this?

Posted by Dhara Ladhad on Monday, May 11, 2015

Dhara Ladhad said…

I had given my phone for servicing on 31st of march and that time I was told it may take a week or more, I kept calling them twice a week they did not respond properly they kept saying “3-4 days more”. Finally after a month one week I got a email saying the phone was ready, I went there but the phone was not ready, they gave me wrong information.

When I told them I want my phone, he created new complaint and told 8 days more. Recently on 9th and 10th of may I got calls telling phone was ready, but again when I went to take my phone they had not serviced it properly, I asked them to fix it the same day, they told it will take 48 days more, I told them I wanted my phone the same day but the man there started to fight also the manager did not come to office till 1pm and we were waiting for him, when I called the manager and told I am going to make a complaint they told they will do it in 2hrs.

Source: Dhara Ladhad

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