This Single Man Interviews A Maid For Household Chores And Asks Her To Have Sex With Him

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This single man is looking for a maid to help him maintain his house, and for sex and to make him “Feel Relaxed” after long and stressful work hours. He requires a female maid who not only helps him with regular household chores but also can satisfy his sexual needs, because men have needs. Right?

Well, this is just a prank performed by PrankBaaz on one of their friend who was about to interview a maid for household chores. So they sent an actress for an interview instead of a genuine maid candidate and then this is exactly what happened. He asks her if she is ok with having sex with him along with regular household work. It’s funny. Right? Not exactly. Just watch this video and see for yourself.

Pranks are supposed to be funny but, to be honest, this is not one of those pranks. This shows exactly how a man is taking advantage of a poor maid who is probably working couple of shifts to make ends meet.

This raises an important question. Although, it’s a prank but shouldn’t he be reported to police for his shameful act? For all we know, he did everything in his clear conscience and will probably do it again.

Source: PrankBaaz

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