How to Decorate your Home… with Photos

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Photos on Facebook, photos on Instagram, photos stored on our phones and computers… One thing’s for sure – we certainly love taking pictures, and it seems like we’re taking more than ever before.

We’ve all got our personal favorites that we love looking at and showing to everyone we can.

So how would you like it if you could turn your top photo favorites into beautiful wall art that’s perfect for decorating your home?

Well, now you can! Thanks to photo canvas prints.

The Big Idea

So What’s the Big Idea?

Canvas prints are the perfect combination of modern technology and old-fashioned charm. They’re like the canvas paintings you’d see in an art gallery, with a traditional canvas cloth stretched onto a real wooden frame.

The difference is that the canvas isn’t covered with oil paints, but instead it comes printed with any photo you choose!

If you choose a respected company like to make your canvas prints, they’ll handle all the high-tech printing, stretch your new print over the frame, and send you the results through the mail.

So the hardest part for you is deciding which photo will look best hanging on the wall of your home…

Choose The Photo You Like

Can I Really Choose Any Photo I Like?

Yes, really!

If you’re the artistic type, maybe you’ve taken some dramatic pictures of nature or big city life? Perfect! A deep orange-red sunset or some grand urban architecture are classic choices which will make stunning photo prints.

But photos of your loved ones will work just as well, whether they’re from a big blowout wedding or just any happy moment you spent together.

Or why not choose a photo of a film star or sporting hero? Just imagine how a full-color print of Priyanka Chopra or MS Dhoni will look on the walls of a teenager’s bedroom!

Top Tip: Think about the strongest colors in your chosen photo, and the strongest colors in the room where the print will go. Will they match each other?

Get a Print

How Can I Get My Hands on a Print?

If you’ve decided which photo you want to get printed, you’ve done the hard work already!

Now you just need to upload the digital file of your picture to the printing company website. will show you a list of the print sizes which are suitable for your photo. There’s a wide range of size formats, up to a massive 40” x 60”! If you want one of the biggest sizes, just make sure the photo you upload is big too.

Then there are a couple of other design choices to make – perhaps you want an extra-thick wooden frame or a white border around your print? The choice is yours. If you are looking for some cool designs then check this printing company website out.

And then? Then that’s it! Just complete your order and the rest is taken care of.

Explore Other Options

Are There Other Options Besides Canvas?

Yes! Canvas is just one of the materials used for making photo wall art.

You can also get prints made from acrylic glass, photo board or metal. All of them have their own special qualities.

Metal photo prints are a great example of an elegant modern design that’s really tough but still lightweight. Perfect for a bachelor pad maybe!

You can even get your photos printed on home textiles like towels and blankets.

Whichever design you choose, with your new print you’ll be the envy of your neighbors. And don’t forget that photo prints make awesome gifts for your loved ones too!

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