8 Pictures Showing How Expressing Love Has Changed In India Over Time

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Love hasn’t changed a bit, love still is that pure, unbridled and unconditional emotion it always was. It has and always will continue to bring out the best in all of us. But what has changed, is the way we now express our love. And in most cases, one would say, for the better.

Here are a few pictures that capture that sentiment perfectly:

1. The way we show our affection.

Show our affection

2. The way we plan our lives.

Plan our lives

3. The way bride prepare herself.

Bride prepare herself

4. The way groom present himself.

Groom present himself

5. The way we raise a family.

Raise a family

6. The way we manage our home.

Manage our home

7. The way we celebrate special times.

Celebrate special times

8. Or everyday life.

Celebrate everyday life

Credits: Aisle

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