Why shouldn’t I show my cleavage as I have spent so much money on it – Rakhi Sawant

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Rakhi Sawant is doing what she does best. She trolls in most absurd way with her highest level of stupidity and senselessness. You can hate her and can’t stand her, but you just can’t ignore her. If there could be a record for saying the most inappropriate things, Rakhi Sawant would probably have had it already, may be multiple times.

This times, the 36-year-old actress is reading some mean tweets posted about her on Twitter and reacting in her typical unapologetic and stupid way that she is famous for. Rakhi Sawant gave tongue-in-cheek replies to her haters and it was downright hilarious and entertaining. She comments on her hot kiss with Mika and on Sunny Leone.

Just watch Rakhi Sawant reacting on mean tweets and laugh.

And the famous of all.

Hello famoux boy, I have spent so much of money on my cleavage, toh dikhaongi na yaar. Kha teri maa ki kasam, tujhe nahi dekhna?

Credit: Fame bollywood

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Why shouldn’t I show my cleavage as I have spent so much money on it – Rakhi Sawant

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