‘Leave This House Or Your Girls Will Be Raped’ Family Receives A Letter With Condom Attached

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What would you do if you received a letter, with a condom attached, where the writer of the letter threatens to rape your wife and your daughters? You would be terrified. Right?

Now imagine a family receiving such hatred letters from someone in their society for over a year now. Can you imagine what this family must have been going through all this time? Probably, you can’t.

Well this is not a hypothetical situation, it’s happening to Mohinder Ohri, resident of Sambhavtirth Apartments in Vasna (Ahmedabad), who has received 40 such letters already in past year. The latest letter, with three condoms attached, reached his doorstep on June 5 says ‘Leave this house or your girls will be raped‘.

Mohinder Ohri with letter 'Leave this house or your girls will be raped'image source: dainikbhaskar.com

Mohinder Ohri, a Punjabi, and his Gujarati wife Vaishali purchased this house in Jain-dominated society in 2005. However, someone is not quite happy with their presence in the society. Last year, strongly-worded letters began to appear at their doorstep, threatening molestation and rape of their daughter if they did not leave the society. The writer claimed dissatisfaction over their consumption of non-vegetarian food. To ensure the message went across ‘properly’, the writer even attached condoms.

“We went to police and higher officials on multiple occasions and even gave a written complaint but nothing has changed. I know this is the handiwork of people of this society and have named them in the complaint. They keep dropping the name of a local leader and get away with everything. As a resident of this country, how can I be denied the right to eat what I want? How can I not fear for my 13-year-old daughter?”

– asked Mohinder

According to them, initially, the harassment was restricted to damage to their vehicle. Society blamed dogs for that. Their request for installing CCTV camera in the society was denied. For over a month after that, they would park their vehicles at Vasna police station.

“Cooking and serving non-veg food is not illegal.” said Vaishali.

So eating non-veg food is against their religion but raping a girl is not? WOW!

Source: Bhaskar

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