Most Popular Designer Brands of 2019

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As we prepare to move into 2020, now is a good time to look back at the fashion trends of 2019. There have been a few popular designer brands which have really stood out amongst their competitors this year to deliver high-quality and luxury goods. Let’s take a look at them now.


Gucci has enjoyed a serious rejuvenation over the past few years. It is now the luxury brand of choice for many affluent millennials and many take to social media platforms like Instagram to show off their latest goods. This demographic also makes up over 50% of Gucci’s current customers, which has helped the brand to become one of the fastest-growing and most-searched designer brands in the world.



Chanel still remains one of the great powerhouses of design. The death of their creative director Karl Lagerfeld in February of 2019 will no doubt be felt for a very long time to come. They have seriously updated their digital marketing with cross-platform reach to attract as many people as possible. They remain a high-class brand which delivers beautiful eveningwear and beauty items which many are happy to invest in. With 100 years of Chanel cosmetics approaching in 2021, we can expect to see them prepare for the run-up to this big event in 2020.


This brand is one of the fastest-growing luxury brands at the moment, possibly due to the popularity of the iconic Balenciaga sneakers. They are another brand which has managed to attract that key millennial demographic thanks to their intersection of streetwear and designer luxury. Their trainers are available at many places online, such as the SSENSE store, which helps to make them an accessible brand.

Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton

Following the extremely popular collaboration with the streetwear brand Supreme, Louis Vuitton has gone from strength to strength. They are another brand who has managed to successfully target millennial luxury shoppers. While some of the older and more prestigious brands are struggling to connect with this new generation of shoppers, Louis Vuitton is ready to appeal to even more people in 2020.


Hermès is one of the most exclusive fashion brands you could choose. The coveted Birkin bag has ensured that they are still at the top of many lists. This French brand is rolling out new e-commerce strategies and behind-the-scenes snippets of their fashion house. Though they still require you to head to a store to begin the purchase of a Birkin, you can now buy many of their pieces online.

These are just five of the world’s favourite designer brands. While some consider these brands to be over-priced, there are those who look at what the big designers are using to help shape the world of affordable fashion too. With millennials finally investing large amounts of money into designer goods, we can expect the brands to react to this new market. Expect the next decade to present some new movements in the world of designer goods.

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