4 Smart Ways to Avoid Being Taken for Granted

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Have you been that person who always shows up for others, ends up putting people’s needs before their own and finds themselves always doing favors for everybody else? If yes, then you are likely to fall into the category of people who are often taken for granted.

Be it your relationships, professional life or even with friends and family – people do end up taking you for granted and the bitter truth is that it happens because you allow it to happen.

It’s better late than never. So, put your foot down and get people to take notice of what you want, for once. Here are 4 smart ways to avoid being taken for granted.

It's okay if you say no

Learn to Say No

In college, your best friend would say, “write my essay” and you would. From doing people’s homework to helping your colleagues with their office load – you find it extremely difficult to say no, isn’t it?

Well, that’s exactly why people take you for granted because they know you won’t refuse. The first step to avoid being taken for granted is learning how to say no. You may feel awkward initially and worry about hurting people’s feelings but understand that you can’t keep prioritizing everyone else over yourself.

If you don’t find something right, say no and explain yourself. You don’t have to be rude, but you need to be assertive in order to be taken seriously.

Speak Up

Suppressing your thoughts and emotions is extremely dangerous for your mental health. If you disagree with someone, speak your mind. It’s better to communicate effectively and sort things out rather than to live your life being a people-pleaser.

If there is someone who has been taking you for a ride, confront them. They wouldn’t be expecting it but it’s high time you take the gears in your hands.

Don’t be afraid of getting judged – people will form their opinion about you, no matter what you do. So, stand up for what you think is right and maintain your dignity.

Step up, Stand up, Speak up

Respect Yourself

If you think about why you let yourself be taken for granted, you will realize it comes from a deep rooted sense of inferiority complex. You don’t think yourself to be worthy enough and that is reflected in your actions.

Get this straight – if you don’t respect yourself no one will. So, start practicing self-love, gain confidence in yourself and you will automatically see a change in the way people treat you and a boost in self-esteem.

Walk Away

Negative people give rise to negative thoughts and both are better left out of your life. There are times when you are stuck in a toxic relationship or friendship and in spite of voicing your opinion, you don’t see a change in the person’s behavior. At such times, it is best to walk away from that relationship before it causes you undue stress. It’s not easy but it sure is required. After all, the fact that you are being taken for granted shows a lack of respect which is definitely not ideal in a relationship.

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