This Girl Brutally Beats Up a Boy Inside UP Police Station for Harassing Her

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Women harassment is a big issue in our country. Every now and then we come across such harassment cases which show how we treat half of our population. And sometimes a brave woman comes forward and stands against such harassers and teaches them lesson.

Something similar happened in Uttar Pradesh’s Pilibhit district last week. A boy was harassing teenage school girls from last couple of weeks which they choose to ignore at first. But that only made him more aggressive and finally a young girl stood up to him and give him piece of her mind. Although the way local police handled the case is very questionable. When the case was reported to the police station, police encourage the girl to beat him up and take revenge.

The police officer present seemed to be egging her on with a voice heard saying, “Chal beta, maar.The girl is seen hitting the boy with her shoe and making him touch her feet as an apology for allegedly harassing her.

Though the police let the youth off with an apology as no complaint was made from the girl's side.

While standing up against harassment is really good and we totally support it, one should not take the law in his/her hands while doing it.

Credit: News Moments

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This Girl Brutally Beats Up a Boy Inside UP Police Station for Harassing Her

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