21 No Makeup Selfies – Bollywood Celebrities Instagramming Their Selfies With No Makeup

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Can you imagine a celebrity without makeup?

No, you cannot!

In old times, when someone was to take a picture of Bollywood celebrities without makeup, they were used to get irked. And it’s understandable, after all it’s a glamour industry, right. With frequent appearances on television or on print media, most celebrities rely on makeup to conceal blemishes or to enhance their features. In fact many people used to believe that’s how our beloved celebrities look in their real life too.

But as Bollywood film industry evolved after all these years, so does our celebrities. How else would you explain the phenomena of “No Makeup Selfie” from our Bollywood celebrities? Young Bollywood actresses are posting selfies without any makeup on their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram profiles. They are not afraid anymore to share their own pictures with no makeup.

I would warn you in advance, these young actresses look absolutely gorgeous without makeup, just like every other girl out there.

Female celebrities without makeup selfies

Let’s check out pictures of these 21 Bollywood celebrities rocking their selfies with no makeup.

Sonakshi Sinha

Always naughty.

Bollywood Celebrity Without Makeup - Sonakshi Sinhaimage source: instagram

Sonam Kapoor

The girl next door!

Bollywood Celebrities Without Makeup - Sonam Kapoor

No Makeup Celebrity - Sonam Kapoorimage source: instagram

Priyanka Chopra

Awww! Why the long face, PC?

Bollywood Celebrity Without Makeup - Priyanka Chopraimage source: instagram

Malaika Arora Khan

She is still so hot!

Bollywood Celebrities Without Makeup - Malaika Arora Khanimage source: instagram

Alia Bhatt

No makeup and gorgeous!

No Makeup Celebrity - Alia Bhattimage source: instagram

Kareena Kapoor

She looks gorgeous without makeup. Doesn’t she?

Bollywood Celebrity Without Makeup - Kareena Kapoorimage source: instagram

Parineeti Chopra

Typical Parineeti Chopra! Naughty.

Bollywood Celebrities Without Makeup - Parineeti Chopraimage source: instagram

Shraddha Kapoor

She look adorable with no makeup.

No Makeup Celebrity - Shraddha Kapoorimage source: instagram

Sunny Leone

Isn’t she gorgeous? The Baby Doll!

Bollywood Celebrity Without Makeup - Sunny Leoneimage source: instagram

Yami Gautam

She look much hotter with no makeup.

Bollywood Celebrities Without Makeup - Yami Gautamimage source: instagram

Anushka Sharma

She looks pretty without makeup!

No Makeup Celebrity - Anushka Sharmaimage source: instagram

Bipasha Basu

Hello gorgeous!

Bollywood Celebrity Without Makeup - Bipasha Basuimage source: instagram

Jacqueline Fernandez

Where have you been?

Bollywood Celebrities Without Makeup - Jacqueline Fernandezimage source: instagram

Karishma Kapoor

A selfie on the road.

No Makeup Celebrity - Karishma Kapoorimage source: instagram

Huma Qureshi

On the top of the world. Literally!

Bollywood Celebrity Without Makeup - Huma Qureshiimage source: instagram

Ileana D’Cruz

So what if you got no makeup? You still got to pout, right!

Bollywood Celebrities Without Makeup - Ileana D'Cruzimage source: instagram

Neha Dhupia

Night time selfie.

No Makeup Celebrity - Neha Dhupiaimage source: instagram

Shruti Haasan

Fresh as a daisy, right!

Bollywood Celebrity Without Makeup - Shruti Haasanimage source: instagram

Kriti Sanon

Fingers crossed!

Bollywood Celebrities Without Makeup - Kriti Sanonimage source: instagram

Aditi Rao Hydari

The wake up selfie.

No Makeup Celebrity - Aditi Rao Hydariimage source: instagram

Kajal Aggarwal

Isn’t she look so perfect?

Bollywood Celebrity Without Makeup - Kajal Aggarwalimage source: instagram

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