Awesome Reply From Actress Vishakha Singh When A Man Commented ‘Nice Boobs’ On Her Facebook Photo!

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You may remember Bollywood actress Vishakha Singh who played noticeable roles in 2013’s movie Fukrey and Ankur Arora Murder Case. In case you did not remember her, this photograph will jog your memory.

Vishakha Singh From Fukrey

Vishakha Singh recently posted a photo on her Facebook profile in a T-shirt that had the line, “Everybody is Somebody’s foreigner” printed on it. Thousands of fans appreciated it by liking it and making positive comments, but there were some who used the opportunity to take a dig at her.

Vishakha Singh posted a photo in a T-shirt saying - Everybody is Somebody's foreigner

Social media stalkers and trolls are not new on any actresses page but what’s new is that a celebrity has chosen to break the silence and respond to idiots who put sexist and often obscene comments on their fan pages.

One of her follower, who went by the name MD Mustakim Saifi, decided to leave this comment on the image: ‘Nice Looking & nice boobs’. Vishakha didn’t take the comment silently or delete it in a haste. She made the bold move of replying to the creep in question.

Nice boobs comment on Vishakha Singh's photo

This was not the end as another fan commented about where the quote was positioned on her t-shirt and she gave it right back to him as well.

Another tharki commented on Vishakha Singh's photograph

Vishakha Singh later deleted her picture that had attracted the vulgar comments and wrote, “Deleted the post that went viral. Not afraid of anyone but simply tired of unwanted negativity. A big thanks to all those who supported.”

Vishakha Singh deleted her picture

Source: Facebook

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