30 Food Sculptures Show What This Crazy & Creative Food Designer Sees In Everyday Food

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Dan Cretu is a food designer who creates sculptures out of everyday food items. The photographer and conceptual artist specializes in food based imagery, cooking up masterpieces that look good enough to eat. His concoctions burst with bright colors and inventive imagery – you won’t want to look away from these amazing photos. Cretu takes everyday fruits and vegetables and transforms them into miniature food sculptures of sheer deliciousness.

“As much as I love carving organic matter into amazing new designs that need minimal close to no image manipulation, I also like bringing to life some of the visual imprints of my creative brain. This is what ‘Something & Something Else’ is about. We all have observations like: “Hey! This strawberry looks like a tiny heart!” But I see a little bit more and want to show you that in this surprising series.”

Just check these food sculptures out.

They are delicious and will give you that extra boost to make it through the day, and may even inspire you to eat some fruits and vegetables.

Popcorn Man

Food Sculptures Popcorn Man

Cabbage Brain

Food Designer Cabbage Brain

Egg Crochet

Food Artist Egg Crochet

Walnut Chicken

Food Sculptures Walnut Chicken

Healthy Crane

Food Designer Healthy Crane

Tree of Life

Food Artist Tree of Life

Hot Motorbike

Food Sculptures Hot Motorbike

Chilli Sauce

Food Designer Chilli Sauce

Egg Homer

Food Artist Egg Homer


Food Sculptures Mercedes-Benz

Match Box

Food Designer Match Box

Orange Clock

Food Artist Orange Clock

Fried Veg-Egg

Food Sculptures Fried Veg-Egg

Music Looks Delicious

Food Designer Music Looks Delicious

Banana Glove

Food Artist Banana Glove

Beauty With Veggi…

Food Sculptures Beauty With Veggi


Food Designer Camera

Seeds Ball

Food Artist Seeds Ball

Carved Banana

Food Sculptures Carved Banana

Funny Bunny

Food Designer Funny Bunny

Onion Saturn

Food Artist Onion Saturn

Flower Bug

Food Sculptures Flower Bug

Pineapple Face

Food Designer Pineapple Face

Green Dolphin

Food Artist Green Dolphin

Rose Pistol

Food Sculptures Rose Pistol

Banana Feather

Food Designer Banana Feather

Santa Claus

Food Artist Santa Claus

Cheese in Galaxy

Food Sculptures Cheese in Galaxy

Flying Salad

Food Designer Flying Salad


Food Artist BFF

Garlic Buddies

Food Sculptures Garlic Buddies

Brightest Cone

Food Designer Brightest Cone

Bacon Gum

Food Artist Bacon Gum

Orange Adidas

Food Sculptures Orange Adidas


Food Designer Radio


Food Artist Swan

Juicy Bike

Food Sculptures Juicy Bike

Pancake Pisa Tower

Food Designer Pancake Pisa Tower

Potato Planet

Food Artist Potato Planet


Food Sculptures Heart

Source: Dan Cretu

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