Are You a Virgin? How Much for Sex Tonight? Boy Messages on Facebook. Girl’s Reply Is Killing

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What has happened to the people on social media websites like Facebook or Twitter? It appears people do not have any decency on these websites and no fear of them getting caught or punished what so ever. Just because the person you are trying to message on Facebook cannot see your face, it does not give you any right to abuse them verbally.

Recently, we have seen so many of such incidences. In May, a married man messages a 21-year old Delhi based girl on Facebook and asks if she has a ‘chut’ or last month when a man made an indecent comment ‘nice boobs’ on actress Vishakha Singh’s Facebook photo. They are not just the only isolated incidences but girls receive such messages all the time on Facebook and most of these cases do not even come to light since girls tend to ignore these people in all cases except few and continue with their life.

One more such case came to highlight when Richa Chandrawanshi decided to not just quietly ignore such smutty messages she had been receiving from ‘Vivek Tiwari‘. She not only gave him a reply he deserved but also posted the screenshots of his messages on Facebook. When you’ll read those messages he sent her, it is going to boil your blood.

Sending indecent messages and pictures fall under sexual harassment and it should not be ignored at any cost.

These are the messages he sent her:

Boy asks Richa Chandrawanshi, if she is virgin and what's her rate for seximage source: Richa Chandrawanshi

And this is how she replied to this perv.

Boy asks Richa Chandrawanshi, if she is virgin and what's her rate for seximage source: Richa Chandrawanshi

She also wrote this on her profile along with the images,

“Well, yes i could have blocked him n ignored this too. But, what next? He would go beyond, make another fake id n post few other girls the same dirty stuff! Least, he got scared n deactivated his account after my text. All the girls out there know it’s suchha common thing to get the texts like this. Our “other messages” folder is filled with more stupid texts like this. But we ignore n that’s what make them think it’s okay to post such things! Yes, i was ashamed to post this. But i still chose to do so.”

Richa, you did the right thing!

Source: Richa Chandrawanshi

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