9 Biggest Misconceptions The World Still Has About India. Time To Know More

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The media around the world created lots of misconceptions about Indians and India. Be it Raj Koothrapalli in The Big Bang Theory or Appu in The Simpsons show, Indians are represented in quite a way, the world still thinks of India as a land stuck in time. For many who do not really know about India, or have never bothered to study it, India is still a land of snake-charmers, elephant riders and butter chicken.

Here are some postcards created by Just Indian Page which you might find interesting about India and Indians. We have quite a different story, don’t we?

1. Always greet with Namaste.

We also do ‘Hi’, ‘Hello’, ‘Hey’, ‘Pranam’, ‘Adaab’ and other variants based on who we meet.

Always greet with Namaste

2. Hot country.

Yes, in Summer only. In fact, we have 6 seasons. Spring, Summer, Monsoon, Autumn, Pre-winter and Winter.

Hot country

3. Funny English accent.

Not really.

Funny English accent

4. Ride Elephants.

We used to. Not only Elephants but Camels and Horses too.

Ride Elephants

5. Dark skinned.

Not anymore since we started using Fair and Lovely.

Dark skinned

6. Speak only Hindi.

Hindi is widely used but there are more than a hundred different languages.

Speak only Hindi

7. Spicy food.

Not everybody like spicy food. In Gujarat, people add sugar in almost all dishes.

Spicy food

8. Spirituality.

You can find peace anywhere you want.


9. Discovered by Vasco-de-gama.

Not exactly discovered. India has a history of more than 5000 years.

Discovered by Vasco-de-gama

While we are at it, lets see what has India given to the world.

There are some things that even some Indians won’t know about. Lets see how much do you know about your own motherland? These facts about India will simply blow your mind!

1. Number Zero.

And not Aryabhatta as you thought.

Number Zero

2. Pythagoras Theorem.

We were/are always good at Maths.

Pythagoras Theorem

3. Binary number system.

We knew 0 and 1 long before anybody could.

Binary number system

4. Value of PI.

Told you, we were always good at Maths.

Value of PI

5. Medicine School.

The first plastic-surgery was done in India.

Medicine School

6. Navigation.

Way long before iPhone got it.


7. Yoga.

Doctors around the world still highly recommend Yoga to stay fit and healthy.


8. Chess.

Military strategies to sharpen your mind.


9. Snake and Ladder.

Yeah, we pretty much known for it.

Snake and Ladder

10. Granite Temple.

Our architectural marvels.

Granite Temple

Source: Just Indian Page

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