Arvind Kejriwal Gets Trolled on Twitter After Making Witty Remark on Girl Murder

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It appears Delhi Chief Minister, Mr. Arvind Kejriwal, cannot run away from controversies. No matter how careful he is, he always finds a way to get himself in the middle of such debates.

In recent incident, a 19 year old young girl, Meenakshi, was knifed to death on Thursday night in front of terrified witnesses at a crowded market in the middle of the capital, by the man she had sent behind bars for stalking her.

In sympathy, Delhi CM tweeted a comment on Twitter about this heinous crime committed against this young girl.

Arvind Kejriwal gets trolled on Twitter after making witty comment

He expressed his shock over it and blamed the Prime Minister of India since state police falls under Prime Minister’s jurisdictions and asks him to spare a few hours every day to check the law and order in the capital.

That’s when Arvind Kejriwal got trolled since last time, he blamed Sheila Dikshit’s regime as the Delhi CM not being active enough and called her a helpless CM.

Arvind Kejriwal gets trolled on Twitter after making witty comment

And now, it seems that Arvind Kejriwal got a taste of his own medicine.

Source: Twitter

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