A Woman Slaps a Delhi Security Guard for the Most Weird Reason, For Doing His Job Well

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A foreign woman went to attend a book release function also attended by former Indian Prime Minister Mr. Manmohan Singh at WWF auditorium in New Delhi on Friday. But her entry to the event was denied for security reasons, as she arrived late after Singh’s entry. With enough disappointment and anger, she slapped the Security Guard for keeping her from attending the function.

This video is shared by Vijay Verma on Facebook showing how she reacted rudely to security personnel who is just doing his job and following the protocol. Is this the right way to show your frustration?

A foreign lady slaps a security personel while he was not allowing her to enter a book release function attended by former prime minister Manmohan Singh, as she arrived after Singh's entry, at WWF auditorium in New Delhi on Friday, 10th July 2015.

Is it the superficial belief that she’s a woman and can use it to her advantage? If yes, then she’s gravely mistaken. She should be booked under the law.

Source: Vjay Verma

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